Missions we support

Our entire purpose is to raise funds to help fund mission projects in Guatemala.

Bethel Ministries International bethelministriesinternational.com

Bethel Ministries has been doing missions in Guatemala since 1996. Their operations include food and clothing distribution, educational sponsorship, and home construction. Their cornerstone is a wheelchair ministry. With all the projects, their primary goal is sharing the GOSPEL.

Throughout the year, they host around 40 mission teams from across the US and Canada. These mission teams construct around 60 homes each year. The teams also aid in fitting over 1800 wheelchairs to the needy in Guatemala.

Mission: Mobility gotwheelchairs.com

Mission: Mobility is a Wayland, Iowa based non-profit that collects used medical equipment. They are a 100% volunteer organization that gathers used wheelchairs, walkers, canes and crutches. The equipment is then shipped on 40 ft shipping containers to Bethel Ministries in Guatemala.

The Mission: Mobility volunteer team are primarily veterans of mission trips to Bethel Ministries in Guatemala. Since the beginning in 2012, Mission: Mobility has shipped 31 containers from 6 different states. (as of January 1 , 2019) Thousands of walkers, canes, crutches and wheelchairs have been shipped, refurbished and fitted to the needy in Guatemala, with the help of Bethel Ministries!

Mission: Mobility has a 2 fold mission statement:

  1. to gather equipment to ship to Bethel Ministries in Guatemala, to aid the mobility needs of the needy, and to share the Gospel in the process.
  2. provide our volunteers in the US the opportunity to share the Gospel in the collection process.